Reach Out

Reach Out Gambia is a Charitable Foundation registered in The Gambia in October 2018. The individuals that make up the foundation have each in their own way been active in the area of supporting underserved communities in the past 7 years. The foundation’s aims and objectives is:

  1. To help set up a standard administration system  for orphanages and provide basic amenities, shelter and structured educational programs for the children.
  2. To help the needy by facilitating the provision of clean drinking water, clothing, basic food amenities, disaster relief etc.
  3. To provide mentorship to young men and women
  4. To provide skills training especially targeted at students graduating from Qur’aanic Education.

In line with our objectives, here are some of the projects we have recently embarked upon.

  • We facilitated the building of multiple boreholes giving communities access to clean water supply.
  • We raised funds annually for the poor and needy during the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadaan.
  • We have enhanced living conditions of orphanages through fund raising and construction and refurbishment of living facilities.
  • We enabled the collaboration of international bodies with Islamic institutions in building a masjid.
  • We have organized summer programs targeted at orphanages.
  • We have provided clothing especially during winter months by organizing clothing drives.
  • We have provided Disaster Relief  through food , shelter and clothing during Floods, fires and other natural disasters.


A number of successful projects have passed through the foundation prior to its official registration. These projects range from supporting needy families with basic food amenities, support for orphanages, community support through clothing and food drives and annual Ramadan Iftar drives.


The foundation’s members have for the past 4 years been actively involved in an annual fundraising  to provide basic food amenities to targeted needy and individuals, families and communities. The amount raised is used to buy staple foods such as rice and provide cooking oil and other basic food items. The drive over the years has touched hundreds of families and is currently ongoing.


The core objective of Reach Out foundation is to support the needy and less privileged in society. In so doing, we have identified the grave need for support to orphanages. These are children that are neglected often with little or no means of sustenance, appalling living conditions and no access to basic facilities like food and clothing. We currently support 5 orphanages with the list growing by the day. We support orphanages in a variety of ways with the:

  • Provision of monthly food supply
  • Provision of clean water supply through the installation of solar powered boreholes
  • Provision of hygiene products
  • Provision of clothing
  • Provision of blankets during the winter months
  • Provision of mattresses and bed sheets
  • Refurbishment of living quarters
  • Provision of Electricity supply through solar panels

Our Beneficiaries