Message of Appreciation

On behalf of all our muslim brothers and sisters who were beneficiaries of the Ramadan Iftaar Drive throughout the month of Ramadan and the Eid Lunch, Reach Out would like to express gratitude to Allah (SWT) first and then to all those who contributed in cash/kind towards this noble initiative. Regardless of the current economic difficulties, you contributed significantly in making the initiative a success and have filled the hearts of many muslims with joy and happiness and for this we say, Jazaakumullaahu Khairan (May Allah reward you with good)!

Water for Life -- Andy Swann Voyage

Water for Life is a charity that supports the provision of clean water to needy and disadvantaged communities. They also support the provision of feeding and clothing items to communities and families that need them.

Clinic Day

Earlier this year, Reach Out organized a Clinic day to have the children at Wullingkama checked out. We had 15 volunteer doctors and nurses that came from the Medical Research Council (MRC) as well as the Gambia Association of Resident Doctors (GARD). Some of the children if not all, have never had a medical checkup. The orphanage was turned into a temporary clinic with a proper process of Registration, Consultation, Lab and Pharmacy. Some referrals were made to the Medical Research Council and this was all at no cost to the orphanage and the orphans. We had donors that donated cash towards the medication that was sourced. It was a great success and all the children are in much better health conditions now!

Rebuilding of Wullingkama Septic Tank

Of recent, the Wullingkama Septic Tank collapsed. With the help from some donors from the United Kingdom, the Septic Tank was rebuilt and the bathrooms and toilets were usable once more.

The Orphans

Reach Out currently supports four main institutions namely. Wullingkama Jawharr Orphanage Busumbala Quraanic Memorisation school Islamic Institute for Education and Development (IIED) Batokunku Islamic School. Some of these institutions are orphanages while others are Islamic boarding schools that house orphans. Either way, these are institutions that need help and were identified by ReachOut for such. We are always on the lookout for more projects and encourage anyone interested to point us to areas in need. Kindly contact us via our contact us page.