Eid Lunch Drive 2021

Greater Banjul Area

May 07th, 2021
  • A project at Greater Banjul Area

Since the inception of the Ramadan Iftar Drive activities, Eid Lunch drive has been a part of the package. The Eid Lunch Drive is a separate but correlated activities to the Ramadan Iftar Drive in that it identifies key families that are in need of help in celebrating the Eid with their families

The Eid Lunch Drive's aim is to ensure that key families are targeted who are not in the position to celebrate Ramadan by getting good food to eat wit their families. Every year a number of families are targeted for this activities with this year seeing the number rise to 100 families.

Alhamdulilah all 100 families were able to receive a sumptuous lunch this Eid with a main course, drinks and desserts such as cakes.

The activity was a success and we look forward to doubling this target number this year.

We thank our donors for stepping up as always despite their contribution to the Iftar Drive, they were also able to contribute to this wonderful activity.

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