Wullingkama Refurbishment


June 08th, 2018
  • A project at Wullingkama

Wullingkama Jawharr Orphanage was the first official project of the Reachout Gambia Team.

The Wullingkama Jawharr Memorisation Center was set up over 13 years ago by Ustadh Mamudu Singhateh. Over the years, orphans and children from poor and needy communities came there  to memorize the Holy Qur'an. Ustadh Singhateh now has over 83 boys at the Center with a significant number of orphans. The memorization center churns out 6 Hafidhul Qur'an annually. 

In June 2018, Reachout Foundation launched an appeal for the Wullingkama Jawharr Orphanage, to raise funds for the children's living quarters, to help support them with a feeding program and general welfare support.


The orphanage houses all boys ages ranging from 4 years to 22 years. Some are orphans, others from poor backgrounds and others abandoned. At first contact, last year, the orphanage was housing over 83 boys across three rooms, 2 of which were 4m by 4m. They were in dire need of clean drinking water, food, bedding and structural upkeep and better toilet facilities. 

This video clearly depicts the state of Wullingkama in June 2019. We at Reachout have since raised funds to 

-- Tile and Paint all bedrooms and the masjid

-- Deliver 25 mattresses and Bedding material 

-- Delivery of Eid Clothes and shoes for all the kids

-- Installation of National Water Supply

-- Delivery of clothes of the Children

-- Replacement of Windows and Doors of all bedrooms and masjid

-- Deliver of hygiene material

-- CLINIC Day with over 15 medical professionals  visited the orphanage to treat all children and make referrals for those that need it

-- Complete installation of a solar powered borehole

-- Completion of 3 toilets and 7 showers built at the orphanage

-- Continuous Supply of Food on a monthly basis since July 2018. 

We continue to support the Orphanage through the monthly supply of food from our wonderful donors as well clothing that is donated ad hoc from time to time. We urge our donors to continue donating to this noble cause by going to our donate page and quoting the REFERENCE -- WULREFURB.

Thanking you in anticipation of your contribution. 


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